2500 miles later…

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember to update you all. I’m sorry for that.
Setting up my new house, and exploring my new home has been taking up my time for nearly eight months!
My bad.

So the other half is in and out of town due to his career, and sadly we can’t talk much when he’s gone. I secured myself a decent first in town job. This is a tiny coastal town, where I need to get a good reference IN TOWN to get a decent job. This is the Starter Wife of jobs, Where I get out any mistakes and learn the ropes of backwoods etiquette.
The homestead is wonderful, there is a delicious Mexican restaurant a stones throw away and we have water on both sides with a road down the middle. It goes like this: water-house-road-house-water. We have seven (7!) Bald Eagles that love to hunt from our back yard regardless of tide.

This town is like hipster meets fishing community, meets Scandinavian, meets coffee roasters, meets craft brewers, with a bit of WT thrown in.

Starter-wife job is going well, they seem to like me and are starting to accept me as one of their own.
I have 3 friends:
Mystical & Doughnuts are locals and Hilltop is the wife of my sweethearts co-worker. She’s from the East Coast. None of whom work with me. She is only here for 2 more years.

Mystical has met her Prince Charming and roams the coast with him.
Doughnuts and I met at her job during our first week in town because we needed bread.
My love is writing some new stuff, maybe I will post you something soon.

The road trip update!

I know I have neglected you.

Since my last update:
I got an awesome job,
moved to a house of my own in Ferndale, Mi.
Had visitors
Packed up all our stuff again 🙂
Celebrated my birthday/going away June 1st
Had a birthday BBQ with my family June 2nd
In the evening Kyle and I packed the car for the last time and said goodbye to the Motor City, the Mitten, and by June 7th the entire Mid-West.

We have a cute house in Oregon now, right by the coast and life has been busy in that wonderful way where you get to see a ton of the country and spend time with your love and enjoy everything.

To make it up to those of you still tuned in, here are a couple of my favorite pictures.

I am 60% sure this is Nebraska.

The Great Salt Lake, Utah

Lone Tree on the Laramie Range. Wyoming.

Monsanto is for lovers! (The GMO mega-giant headquarters! We found this on accident.)

And finally our cats asleep and loving the road trip.
Eartha Katt is the black and white rescue (who chose me and bullied me into taking her home)
And Grace our very special needs rescue who has Cerebral Hypoplasia.

Hope you all are well,

Not my job

On the piece that holds it up
is the rope, that ties me down.
Told it’s apart
I’ve seen it together 
and why do you say
I have to take it out?
When you’re the one
Who keeps it in.

Please take a couple moments for my friends cause.

Rescued by Det Bus Co owner Andy

The moment after her dramatic rescue.

The real-time story of the Detroit Bus Company owners’ rescue of a pit bull.
Andrew Didorosi, a good friend of mine, is taking donations for a dog he rescued who is in dire condition. She was literally hours from death when she darted in front of his bus.
Also all surplus funds go to a special dog rescue that specializes in hard cases, which Andi (The shelter named her after her rescuer) currently resides at.

Repost and or donate to save lives!


Detroit Free Press covered them today.


“Andi” is healthy and happy. She was adopted and renamed by Andy Didorosi, who continues to work assisting local animal shelters and has adopted two more hard cases.

I am

stifling my thoughts.

Quiet acceptance

is better than

Burning bridges


so afraid of breaking things

I try not to hold anything for long


possibly crazy because

Sometimes I enjoy the time leading up to happiness

More than the moment itself


sick of my inner monologue,

she’s kind of a bitch to me.


uneasy when I feel that

everything is perfect.

I don’t want to get complacent.


in desperate need of a word that expresses

infatuation that is rooted in reason.



WW is at a pre-wedding-sleepover and forgot to make an auto-post or approve anything.
Her best friend is getting married in the morning and she lost track of her blog.
WW will be back as soon as possible!

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Protected: A poem by my love

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I got in the car

Walking past headstones
at two in the morning
I’m trying to escape
and find my way home
this new city is dark
I shiver, I stagger
I know that they’re coming
Soon I won’t be alone
it’s not hard to follow
every step I am taking
is quickly creating
a trail of my blood

“I know where she is!”
The engine gets louder
I’m soon bathed in headlights
The black car has stopped
and waiting, for me, inside
is a man with black hair
and a thick. handlebar. mustache
Wrapped in blankets next to him
is a gorgeous woman, beckoning.
I sighed
I gave up
I got in the car

Broken ground & Moving People, this week is a double header

Unsure and unsteady
Standing on broken ground
Had I thought
I would walk this long
I would have chosen
a different way

You believe
I chose this way
to avoid you
in truth
I was searching for you

If you won’t believe
If you don’t let it go
I will leave you here

Bonus poem: Moving People

Flying on a sky train
he asked me to profess in writing
my “undying like”
So here you are
My number one
My undying like
is nothing new 🙂

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